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At Clearweb, we make things simple.

We offer management services for individuals and companies. Perhaps you don't have a designated "IT Person" or perhaps you need someone to make sure that the website is up-to-date and ticking over.

We cover the following applications, Ghost, XenForo and WordPress - If you have a different application that you would like managed, please contact us.

So what do we do?

We can ensure that Ghost, XenForo and WordPress are up-to-date! This includes security patches, milestone upgrades (1.x to 2.x), plugins and themes.

An optional additional package is available if you wish to have Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace management.

Dedicated off-site backups are put in place in the event that something happens.


  • €99 per month incl. VAT per website.
    • Additional €99 per month incl. VAT for 2nd/3rd/4th website.
    • Additional €50 per month incl. VAT for the 5th+ website.
  • €150 per month incl. VAT for Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace management.

(Minimum 6-month contract)

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Q: Do we need a website in order to avail of Clearweb's services?
A: Yes. We do not create any new sites, they have to be already existing websites.

Q: Do we have to transfer the website to Clearweb from our current provider?
A: No. Your site would remain with your current provider.

More questions will be added later.