Ghost Improving Newsletters

Ghost Improving Newsletters
Photo by Yannik Mika / Unsplash

Ghost's very own newsletter feature is probably its biggest selling point.

With Ghost, you can tailor it so that readers are interested in certain topics.

Example: Say you are running a car blog but certain readers are only interested in EV cars and not petrol/diesel cars, they can sign up for the EV newsletter only, meaning that if you publish a post with the 'EV' tag, a copy of that post would be sent to them via email. Pretty nifty, right?

Up until now, Ghost has had a fairly basic newsletter. You get the heading from the blog, the post content and that's it.

Now, they have updated the feature to include the ability to allow the user to reply to the post [If 'Comments' are enabled though], details about the subscription that they are signed up for and as of yesterday, the ability to have a CTA to other content right from the email.

And you don't have to do a thing, it's there by default. Just ensure that you are on Ghost 5.40 or later to get the feature. Ghost(Pro) subscribers will already have this update.

This is nothing but a win-win for everyone. This can help you retain 'viewership' by having them continue to read by moving them over from their email to your website.

Did you know that runs on Ghost? They have been a powerful tool in our arsenal for quite some time and are a viable alternative to WordPress and Joomla.

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