GDPR and You!

You probably have seen countless emails recently letting you know that they have updated their Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions to be in compliance with GDPR and I am not going to be any different.

Rather than give you links to walls of text, I am going to give you a simple run down of the data that we collect at ClearWeb (And all sites under it)

  • When signing up to a ClearWeb Site, you are only asked for what is required. I do not need to know your Date of Birth, Location or anything like that.
  • I may use 3rd party tools to help us with certain aspects of the sites. Most notably we use:
    • Disqus – Commenting System for WordPress sites. This doesn’t use any details that you have registered with me and we don’t pass any information on. You sign up and login to their system and not me.
    • Google Analytics – Analytics – With Google Analytics, I get to track how many people are browsing the site and from what device and where from. Personal information such as emails, usernames and passwords do NOT get passed to Google. Just your browser agent and your IP address. The data for this is wiped from Google after 26 months.

And that is really it, I have no need to collect any personal information.

If you have a query as to what information that I am collecting for a certain site / service, please email me at padraig at padraigfahy dot com